Trail 27.5

San Quentin

The San Quentin is for the agressive hardtail trail rider looking for a blend between singletrack capabilities and extended air time.

Trail 27.5 Plus

Pine Mountain

The Pine Mountain is a classic steel hardtail with modern trail capabilities for hardtail purists pushing the limits and seeking adventure.


Bobcat Trail

The Bobcat Trail is a capable mountain bike with modern trail geometry build for exploring singletrack trail systems. Best-in-class frames and solid, serviceable spec make the Bobcat Trail a solid choice for the recreational rider looking to step up to modern geo and step deeper into mountain biking, and for the experienced rider in search of an update that doesn’t break the bank.


Bolinas Ridge

The Bolinas Ridge family of mountain bikes are designed for the recreatoinal mountain biker looking to explore the local singletrack or explore dirt paths.


Wildcat Trail WFG

The Wildcat Trail line of mountain bikes are designed specifically for women riders with Women's Fit Geometry, and component selections like sadle, grips, and short-reach brake levers suited to female body dimensions.

XC Race 29

Team Marin

XC races are more challenging than ever, merging trail features with fast speed, and the Team Marin is ready to rip it’s way to checkered tape and high-fives on any race course or local singletrack.

Dirt Jump


The Alcatraz was designed from the ground up to be the best dirt jump hardtail you have ever ridden.


El Roy

The El Roy is the ultimate aggressive steel hardtail that’ll get you to the top, and then really shine on the way down, with a spicy mix of progressive geometry and supple steel.

Frame Kits

Frame Kits

Hardtail Frame Kits